Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Practicalities.. Burn After Reading II

A review from Part I of this series:

Thought is real.  The content of thought is not.

So what does that mean, and what does it have to do with freedom or liberation?  

Thoughts are real events which actually occur.  There's no doubt that they appear, and even if the source or form can't be pinpointed, they are a phenomenon with presence.  They happen, and only one at a time.  There's no such thing as multitasking when it comes to thought. 

Try it.

Think about picking up that object in front of you while simultaneously thinking about the object itself.  While a switching back and forth may happen quickly, the thoughts are never simultaneous.  There's a distinct switch between the two, and EXPERIENTIALLY, there's a whole lot of difference in each of those types.

The first thought involves a mechanical action on the part of the brain and body.  It's a functional thought in that it can directly lead to a "how to", to performing an immediate physical action.  The second thought is a reflection or mental commentary wholly unnecessary to the action itself.  It's useless except for entertainment value, and what's more, the commentary likely includes judgments as to whether you "like" the object, or "dislike" it.

How much of the process of sustaining physical life is related to commentary?  


But what percentage of "your" thought fits into that second category?  

Friday, February 10, 2012

Burn After Reading

The first thing you should know about what you're about to read is that it's not Truth.  And this is good, because it relieves you of having to try to parse the message, or follow any advice.  If you'd like to take something away from this post, and I advise you not to, just jump to the last line now.  It's the only sentence possibly worth taking a good long look at.  A pointer to freedom is there if you're willing to do the work.

If you're still determined to read through to the end, however, let's get started.  We'll take it from the top:

The Teachings

What concepts do the most prevalent teachings about enlightenment share?

1.  There's No You.
2.  There's nothing but nothing. It's sometimes called The Void.
3.  It's all one thing.

Not too long ago those seeking the secrets to enlightenment, or maybe just an end to suffering, could join Ruthless Truth, a forum where we'd verbally beat the tar out of the You until with a single look, the reality of your existence was seen for what it is.  You Are No Thing.  Nothing.  And you're not even that, because there is an utter absence where you thought yourself to be.  Seeing that one thing brought a lot of people, including me, an amazing new paradigm from which to exist.  The success of our group was staggering, and there have been spin-offs with even more exposure and success.

Thanks to Ciaran Healy's direction, People Got Free.

But what happens to the individual after that initial shattering realization has often been a source of hot debate in the online spiritual community.  It's caused the splintering of groups, made a few self-described "lost souls", and caused a bit of general mayhem.  Reading through the various enlightenment Facebook groups which pop in and out of existence would leave you with the conclusion that this No Self shit is not worth the trouble.  From the outside looking in, it seemed to do more harm than good.

It wasn't all bad, though.  Some... Many of us moved on to continue to deepen realizations or are actively working on developing a framework from which life is lived to its fullest.  A lot of us were able to find refuge in The Void, the big, black nothing of peace.  Oneness became a byproduct of seeing that there was no separation, ever.

It still wasn't quite enough to end suffering.  There's no living in the Void, and for many, the peace couldn't be sustained.  As a matter of fact, our original Ruthless Truth group absolutely imploded after the very public suffering of its founder.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Book of Change - Gateless Gatecrashers

This is a book that can change everything.

"I'm Extremely happy to announce that our book Gateless Gatecrashers is finally finished and is available to download for free from LU website and You can click on the tab above "Book" and you will get there.

It is made up of 21 conversations that Elena and I had during summer months, they are all on our blogs and perhaps you read them. We are hoping that this book will find everyone, who is struggling with search and will help to see through the illusion of separation. " - Ilona Ciunaite
If you're still seeking, stop.  Read it now.  You won't find pointing more direct than this.