Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Container

Lisa:  What's the goofiest thing you ever believed to be true that turned out, of course, to be bunk...?


That there are people, including this one, walking around with entire histories held in a little invisible container.

That I never really knew where this miraculous container was kept, how big or small it was, how long it would last, where it came from, or what would happen to it.

That I thought this invisible container might go to an invisible fluffy place called heaven where it could somehow sit at the right hand of a man with a white beard. Because he apparently has a thing for empty containers with no sides, bottom, or top. Or that depending upon what was carried in that container with no properties of containing, it might go to a different invisible and really very hot place called hell.

That I'd get crazy about protecting that invisible container and claim ownership of it, defend it, take photos to honor and preserve the non-existent thing, and generally do anything imaginable to protect it.

That the container ever existed at all, because other people told me so, even though they hadn't seen it either.

That's pretty goofy.

Photo credit:  *antontang at deviantart