Tuesday, July 24, 2012

There is Running.

A Thought-full Run...

"I'll do some walking.  Maybe I'll run today."

*beep* *beep*
"I hate this treadmill."

"I should practice good breathing technique."
"ok, BREATHE."

"I need to move faster.  I'll 'up' the incline."

"Ok that's better."
"I'm walking faster."

"I wonder what I'll have for dinner?"

"OK. I'll match my breath to the music."

"I like this music."
"I feel good."
"I'm having a good workout."


Thought pops, just comes, an image of walking on the treadmill.
Putting running shoes on the body
Walking to fitness center
Stepping on the treadmill.  Pushing buttons.
*beep* *beep*

Thought pops, 'faster'
*beep* beep*

breath.  breath. breath.
No within, No without.  Just breath, Everywhere breath.
Everything breathing.

Sensations happening.  The body adjusting.
Water appears.

Sound appears in headphones...music.  No one's listening.
Hearing is hearing.

Sensations in the feet, legs, hips.  

Seeing sees jerky motions. 

No one breathes.
Everything breathing.
Everything running.

photo credit:  on the edge by ~jakejames - Deviantart
Second photo:  don't feel like running by ~rockingmarcia - Deviantart

Thursday, July 19, 2012

When the Bubble Bursts

The point of no-self realization is not to denounce the self.  It's to see it for what it is.... thought, appearing based on conditions, empty of any inherent qualities.

How is it empty?

Compare the self to a soap bubble.  Does it exist without soap, without air, without breath? Without the hole it forms through?  Without moisture in the air?

When the conditions are no longer right for the bubble to appear or be sustained, what happens? 

The sense of self is just as fragile and transparent, its existence dependent upon the thought constructs of memory and belief. Conditions for its appearance? Reflection upon an action of or within the body.

How to burst the bubble....

As a seeker, if there's an effort to stop the self thoughts from appearing, don't bother. The desire is 'you' trying to overcome your 'self'. That's impossible. It's a circular reference, an endless loop.

Let that go.

Just notice. Notice when the thoughts of self appear. Notice when they are absent. Then ask how anything inherent or vital can disappear without a trace for minutes, hours, or days on end, without anyone even noticing it was gone.

photo credit:  ~kkokosz on deviantart

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Truth about being Ruthless

Was RuthlessTruth really Ruthless?  Yes.  But there was no way to make a guru out of any one of us, and that's what I liked most.  It left the seeker completely free of even the person who 'liberated' them.  So it's ironic, now, when I read facebook posts judging the method.

You see, in the end to be completely free, even the teacher must be slayed.  And in that regard I'd say it was a job very well done.

http://www.truthstrike.com/ - The Phoenix from Ruthless Ashes