Tuesday, July 24, 2012

There is Running.

A Thought-full Run...

"I'll do some walking.  Maybe I'll run today."

*beep* *beep*
"I hate this treadmill."

"I should practice good breathing technique."
"ok, BREATHE."

"I need to move faster.  I'll 'up' the incline."

"Ok that's better."
"I'm walking faster."

"I wonder what I'll have for dinner?"

"OK. I'll match my breath to the music."

"I like this music."
"I feel good."
"I'm having a good workout."


Thought pops, just comes, an image of walking on the treadmill.
Putting running shoes on the body
Walking to fitness center
Stepping on the treadmill.  Pushing buttons.
*beep* *beep*

Thought pops, 'faster'
*beep* beep*

breath.  breath. breath.
No within, No without.  Just breath, Everywhere breath.
Everything breathing.

Sensations happening.  The body adjusting.
Water appears.

Sound appears in headphones...music.  No one's listening.
Hearing is hearing.

Sensations in the feet, legs, hips.  

Seeing sees jerky motions. 

No one breathes.
Everything breathing.
Everything running.

photo credit:  on the edge by ~jakejames - Deviantart
Second photo:  don't feel like running by ~rockingmarcia - Deviantart


  1. Phew!, amazing how reading can cause breathlessness.

    1. Isn't it amazing? No one intervening. A good run. :)


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