Monday, April 8, 2013

Dear Seeker, It's Never Easy to Write This....

I'm not sure how many ways I can tell you this, and so most times I just have to repeat myself.  You don't listen.  Thoughts crowd out the very ability to listen to direction.  And!  You often become frustrated with this direction and walk away from our inquiry thinking that the pointer can't be of much use.  You assume that the person giving it is just wrong about what it is you need to hear in order to see this.  But the truth is,

You're wrong.

There's a reason why this particular pointer is the most effective I've come across.  It's direct.  Blunt.  It leaves no room for discussion, and my role is to end the discussion entirely. 

I don't want a dialogue with you! 

Don't be offended by that.

While a dialogue may help you to UNDERSTAND what's being said, that understanding isn't what's going to get this done.  I'll tell you what will and I'll give it my best shot, knowing that it's worked for hundreds of people already, maybe thousands.  Here it is, so listen up.

Just Look.

That's it.  It's the best and most thorough pointer you're going to find if you could just stop long enough to do what's directed. 

Now, you have to ask yourself this... how is it that this pointer can be it.  The one.  Everything.  The KEY?  Go ahead and ask that question.  Test it out.  Tear it up.  How is that IT?

And when you hit a brick wall, just maybe you'll do what's being asked which is to notice that a speck of dust is more real than the self.  A droplet of dew is more real than the self has ever been or can ever be. 

How is that true?  In what way is that true?

When the answer comes, just stop and take that in.  Then scan that brain for all of the teachings which say that this is simple.  Childlike.  Humble.  Think of all the accounts of those who've 'gotten it' and said that they couldn't believe how simple it is.  And the look of wonder?  It's not because they're suddenly seeing pixie dust or rainbows.  It's because they stopped to follow the directive, and then they saw the truth of REALITY AS IT IS.


Look at the picture in this post.
What is seen?
What is absent?

Look at anything.
Any time.
What is seen?
What is not?

photo credit:  soft drop by JimmyJaszczurka


  1. It is that simple, Isn't it.... And that's why it seems so difficult.

  2. A perfect post, laying it on the line. You nailed it, Delma.....

  3. It just keeps coming back to the basics, and as basic as it can possibly get. The truth is cloaked in nothing but simplicity. Truly a paradox.

    1. Oh yeah, and I sure do wish I was working alongside you two again. I really do.

  4. 'It' is the end of symbolic consciousness, a 'drop of dew' and a 'self' are equally illusory, you won't see the full truth if you keep on dividing real from unreal, it shows that unity consciousness is still incomplete. Walking the razor's edge means in all things seeing there is neither real nor unreal, until there are no things.

    1. Anonymous,

      It's great that you've gone further than seeing the truth of self, but each stop is a stepping stone. Have you heard of using a thorn to remove a thorn? That's what needs to happen.

      It's ALL illusory. But the only way to demonstrate and communicate is on the illusory playing field. All pointers are useless after they have their effect.

      I work with people on seeing through the illusion of self. That's IT. Because that's what's common to all traditions. When they are 'done' with me, they are free to explore the rest and discover that there are no INHERENT things. Until then, the language of 'unity consciousness' doesn't do anything but keep the seeker seeking. And that's a crappy thing to do to a seeker.

  5. I like the way you cut to the point.

    Seems many of us love to do that whenever we're unsure of simple instructions :-)

    Will see (!) how my own looking vs. thinking about pans out!

    1. There's a second element to this. Surrender to what's found in reality vs. what's conditioned. And that's likely a topic for a new blog post! :)

  6. Thanks for this Delma... Bill here...I am always interested in new and different ways to say what you've you've so simply laid out.
    Just LOOK.
    Its the only thing it's about.
    So simple....the brain wants so much to complicate it.
    And it always comes back to this...
    Just LOOK.


    1. Thanks, Bill! All of the explanations, rationalizations, and theories actually move us away from the realization rather than towards it. There's no need to understand *why* it is, it just is. And that's a fact that's readily verifiable all day long, no special training required. :)

  7. This is better put than ruthless truth, which I came across a couple of years ago. There is truth in what you say, that we are identifying with thought patterns on an unconscious level and mistaking them for a self.. what may be better called a personality. There is a deeper level, one in which the individual observes their thoughts, as a few authors such as Buddha, Tolle and others have called the silent watcher. This is still not helpful as it still points towards a 'something' that is part of our mistaken identity but somehow seperate. many think that this is a soul, or universal consciousness. Everything is illusionary, everything. What the Krishna's call maya I believe or somesuch word. Once ones thoughts realise that everything is illusionary, right down to the empty space between the atoms that somehow keep the body stable then one can find freedom. Billl Hicks says life is a ride, I concur.

    1. I'm a RTer from a couple of years ago, so we may have bumped into each other.

      I still use that method, though have dropped the tone and language. It's still the most effective direct pointing I've come across.

      Thanks for the post.

  8. I'm looking at self and I see there is only thought/imagination of self glued to experience but there is no click. What next because it's look like remember of experience, not shift in perception.

    Thank You


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