Monday, April 22, 2013


Why can't you see this?
Because of a tiny, habitual assumption that goes undetected.

  The assumption is that there is a 'you' who sets out to do the inquiry.



  1. what sees it then?

    1. i understand that is no i, me you, so what is the i/thing/presence/nothing/experience that understands or knows that?

      that what i want to know? (contradiction/paradox)

    2. That's part of the initial assumption, one that's been passed on from brain to brain, generation to generation. The fallacy is that a thing is necessary at all.

      Seeing sees.
      Hearing hears.

      No seer.
      No hearer.

      Just seeing.
      Just hearing.

      Test this. Is the entity or self an assumption? Isn't hearing or seeing just happening?

    3. Thank you Delma for your reply, yes, i can see that self/me is assumed and sounds are just being heard.

      but the next thought that comes is:

      there appears to be communication happening ..

      you say test "Test this." (not "you" as an assumption)

      then i test.

      the reason i test because there is a strong desire to know what i am

      are you saying that desiring is just happening?

      and wanting to know what i am is blocking the truth..

      something like that!! x

    4. Hi.

      Yes, desiring is just happening, but wanting to know what you are is also just happening. The only thing which *appears* to block the truth is thought. But it actually has no power to block anything at all.

    5. Hello D, so if I/me is only an assumption/idea and desiring is just happening like the wind blowing...

      then there is no choice to desire or not to desire..(or any choice come to think of it)

      so knowing truth or realization of what i am, will either be experienced or not..

      now what!

      still feels like i can put/move my attention on any sensation i desire .....

      its like there is a dead end now!! x

    6. Would you like to start a thread in Liberation Unleashed? We can work there, or via email if that's better.

      Meanwhile, I'll leave you with a question... can you predict where attention will 'desire' to go?

    7. hello Delma, i would love to start a thread..
      Email would be fantastic! i will contact you via your Email account.... also I didn't quite understand your question, Did you mean "can you predict where attention goes?" x


thanks for the thoughts...