Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Love Letter to a You

I must like the idea of writing a letter to a seeker because here's another....

Dear You,

You don't exist.
Never have. 
Not in the way you THINK you do.

Listen to the surroundings.  
Can sound help but be heard?

Look at the sights.  
Can sights help but be seen?

Feel. Reach out and touch something.  
Can sensation help but be felt?

This is so very obvious to the You, isn't it.  "I see that!", you tell me in our exchanges.  "But I still FEEL a me!"

You're frustrated.

The very fact that you're frustrated demonstrates the obvious.  There is no you in control, just life happening. Frustration happening.  Did a You choose to be frustrated?

So look again.  Do it now.

Can you see that words on a screen led to that looking?  Was there a you that the words had to wrestle with or did it just naturally flow from the reading?  The assumption is that the sentence reads, "YOU should look."    "You should now listen."  "You should now feel."

That's not what was asked.  And there's a reason why the directive does not need a noun or pronoun.

There is no "I" doing the looking, the seeing.

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