Tuesday, June 26, 2012


About a month ago, several realizations hit at once.  I've debated putting them here because they're not really of use to anyone.  On the other hand, documenting these things just *may* be helpful to a reader.  This post isn't meant to explain the details, but I'm sure it will prompt those with whom it resonates to contact me directly.

Consider this a journal entry, a logging of sorts.  It's a copy of what I've posted to a facebook group today.   At this point, I'm not certain what direction this will head in but should any of this resonate with you, reader, I suppose that's the entire purpose of this exercise:

In thinking about what was seen here a month or so ago, it seems that the experience is sort of indescribable and yet what you post both here and in your blog seems to explain it. I can, however, see how difficult it is to express these things.

What was seen here were these things, and I'm listing them here to sort of get them down and look at them closely. I'm not certain what model they 'fit', but I'm sticking with them since it's direct experience.

1. Luminosity when looking at objects, to the point where there was nothing BUT luminosity. The 'self' was sort of absorbed into it.

2. Complete disappearance of the sense of self. Everything else is alive and fully present. Only it's not exactly 'everything else', it's just what IS. There can't be an Other because there is no reference point 'here'.

3. The aliveness arises every moment. Continuously. It is Being Done.

4. Thoughts appearing about all of this are also being done.

5. Sensations are being done.

6. Everything falls away immediately. There is no time, only now which isn't even able to be pinpointed. It's illusory in that there is no substance.

7. Space is a thought. There is no inside or outside.

8. All 'things' aren't things, they appear based on conditions.

9. Every appearance is whole and complete in and of itself. All conditions are appearing as what is appearing now. Nothing exists outside of what appears now, and this appearance would not happen exactly as it does without all of those causes/conditions. Everything is exactly as it is, perfectly so.

10. Each sense 'stream' is separate. They do not cross over. Only thoughts claim this.

11. There are no other selves. Other people are also being done.

12. Seeing the 'thing' IS the thing. The same goes for hearing, touching, tasting.

13. This has always been like this. We've just not noticed.

14. There's more to come. Since nothing repeats and each moment is fresh, the insights have to continue. Enlightenment is no state, it's a moment-to-moment flow.... sometimes seemingly 'there', sometimes not. Both the same.

15. There are no people to be enlightened or unenlightened. It's just a word, an idea.

16. The debates will continue. That, too, is the flow.

All of this has since waxed and waned, or the same insight has been realized under different circumstances. But this has been the base of all insights since then.

From here, everything is being revisited.

photo credit:  I-see-shapes

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