Saturday, December 1, 2012

Don't Just Dream About Waking Up

It's good to get some free stuff every once in a while, especially when it's a book or two on waking up.   After all, you've probably paid for quite a few already.

While bookstores or online stores are full of intriguing titles, these freebies linked down below take a different tack.  What they aren't about, is THEORY. 

Live Lucidly.

The first, from Liberation Unleashed, contains actual accounts of guides working one on one, in conjunction with an individual, to point them to their OWN awakening.

The second book, from TruthStrike,  is a collection of best blog posts written by those who've successfully been doing the guiding for a long while.  It's a great read and can be digested in sections.  Yes, my posts are in there too.

Anyway, oth books are compilations.  There's no one voice, one guru, one Truth.  And that's the point.  Find your own!

For now, enjoy.  And.... I mentioned that they're free, right?  Yes, all resources at TruthStrike and Liberation Unleashed are free, just like 'you'.

photo by M0THart on deviantart

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