Friday, September 12, 2014

Why You Should Believe What You Don't See

Imagine you're sitting in a room, 10x10.  It's a perfect box shape.  The ceiling is of unremarkable height, the walls a smooth texture.  Paint the room any color you wish, but sticking with gray or even white might be best as it's less distracting.

Sit in the middle and set the angle of your gaze straight ahead.

Now, Look.

Believe what you (don't) see.

It's that second step that's the toughest.  That's because it goes against everything ever learned and everything you'll read or hear today.  For just a moment, it will become clearly evident that there is nothing between the body and the wall.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch. 


That's it.  All of the evidence of the truth of reality is right there and has been there all along.  It's rock solid and will never change.  You can bet your life on it. 

If you can remember just one instance where a separate self was witnessed, you can toss out everything I've just said and walk away with your 'self' in tow.  But if you can clearly see that the view has never, ever been obstructed, if you can clearly see that hearing, tasting, smelling, or touching has never been obstructed or interrupted, you can say that you've clearly seen the truth of reality.

You're seeing it now.  Is there a self blocking this blog post?



  1. hahaha. Damnit. I love the beautiful ease you have of bringing me back.

    I see you in me. Blessings Delma! :)

  2. Hhhmmm... to much wall-facing zazen! =P

    Nice post!


  3. Hi Andre! Thank you. =P lol

    Be well.


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