Wednesday, May 2, 2018

At The Drop of This Leaf

Well hello there.

It's been quite a few years, I guess. I've come back to this blog time and again but never really found much to talk about. It seems that whatever needed to be said has already been written.

Until now.

No longer involved in Liberation Unleashed, Truth Strike, Ruthless Truth, or even, I can say that I miss those early days and feeling as though the biggest secret in the history of mankind had been discovered. When this was fresh and new, it was heady.

It's still heady, but not quite in the same way. Now, it's about flashes of realizing the implications of that discovery, and also realizing that it's endless, sort of like taking a long walk on an infinite pier.

It's also about navigating the world with this realization.

It's about trying to explain what is now understood about human dynamics.

It's about trying to not talk in Yoda riddles all the time.

Sometimes it seems that there are only two paths left. One is to forget moving in the world of seekers and instead just assimilate back into the everyday. And the other is to stay within the small worlds of seekers because at least they know what you're talking about when this weird and contradictory stuff comes out of your mouth.

I dunno.

One way I tried to work it out was to start a Facebook group about life after realizing that it's not your life and yet there's freedom to imagine any old self at all. But that's absolutely contradictory if you think about it. And yet, here it is, happening. It's an awfully hard concept to work with because it doesn't fit any other paradigm that can be referenced. Not a one.

Whew. What a non-place to find.

Life is a free-float with imagined moorings. Sometimes I get a bit sad about that, especially when noticing emotional pain all around. The understanding that it's illusory was supposed to bring freedom, and it does. But it also brings so much compassion for the human condition that it can move my emotions to and fro. They whip around as though caught in gust of wind causing the final drop of a leaf.

Wouldn't trade it for anything.

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