Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Internal Compass

Adyashanti asks a question which points True North.  It's the first you should ask yourself when undertaking a 'spiritual journey', and it's one which should continue to be asked each time you find yourself confused about whether or not you are on the so-called Right Path.

What's this really about, for You?

Without an answer to this query, you will likely find yourself pushed and pulled by the various teachings or "guides", including the one writing this post.  In other words, without that initial internal compass, you can easily drag yourself through other people's beliefs.

Rest in your own authority.  Risk making your own mistakes.

If you're going to start out with a belief, make it your own.  Can it set you off on the wrong foot?  Maybe.  But eventually it'll become clear that it's only the sense of 'you' who has to live with that.  For every teaching you come across, you'll likely find several people saying it's The Very Wrong One.  They'll hand over, or even push you into investigating a new map, and "someone else's terrain" is the very place you don't want to wander around for too long.... not unless it nicely lines up with your own.

I wouldn't recommend starting your journey without making sure you know how to reference that internal compass setting.  And if you find yourself adrift right now, it's not too late.

photo credit:  Compass01 by ~Dipiie

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