Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Painting Reality


"In art we use value onto shapes to create the illusion of form.

This is all for the process of replicating what the eye sees.

But we mistakenly believe what the eye sees to be some sense of objective reality.

Are we not painting with the eyes colors into shapes and shapes into forms with light.

Art is reproduction of suchness as suchness. This is a metaphor for concepts as they are suchness as well.

But that also doesn't mean that there is some kind of hierarchy between the symbol and what the symbol represents. Both are equal in that they are empty of inherent existence.

Be it a painting we paint in the painting.

Or the painting we deem as reality.

Its all fabricated. And all fabrications crumble.

Just a rant!"

Artwork and rant by Albert Hong

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