Saturday, October 6, 2012

Awakening's Jedi Mind Tricks

So, you've been doing inquiry for a while now, looking for the self.  Or maybe the self is an illusion already seen through, and yet it remains persistent, a seeming obstacle to 'furthering' any realizations.

Here's where you can catch a Jedi Mind Trick in the act.  

Hint:  It's a fractal.

From here on in, pardon the use of pronouns.  I know it gets confusing at points, especially when I say that you need to 'catch your own' mind in the act.  Yes, there's no you, and there's no real mind or container holding thoughts, but let's roll with the analogies.

Step 1.  Looking for a self happens.  Or maybe it's any looking at the nature of reality.  But suddenly!  there is a breakthrough.  Eureka!  It's clearly seen that what was thought to be real or true, is not.  There's no tangible self anywhere in existence.  Maybe you're working with Time or Space, or any particular aspect of 'reality'.  Anyway, it's clear.  Things are not what they seem.

You smile.  Maybe there's a sort of bliss.

Here's the Jedi part....   Another thought pops up to say, "OHMYGOD!  I can't believe it's always been this way and I didn't see it!"  And then the analysis of the realization begins.

And what's missed, is that the analysis is also just thought, happening one at a time, to no one.

The continuity of thought is APPARENT.  It isn't.  There is only one thought appearing at a time, including those which APPARENTLY reflect upon supposed 'previous thoughts'.  No.  Each thought is not a reference to the one which came before, it's actually a completely NEW THOUGHT in which the concept of "reference" appears.   So as soon as the "OHMYGOD there's no ME!" lands, start looking at all the thoughts which seem to follow, because they can easily  begin spinning back on themselves.  Before you know it, you're caught in a thought loop.

Where thought is concerned, this is a particularly intricate loop.  Not only does the self love looking at itself, but now it gets to look at itself looking at itself.

Coming up Out of the Loop

Step 1.   Looking for a self happens.  Or maybe it's any looking at the nature of reality. But suddenly!  there is a breakthrough.  Eureka! The next thought is almost self-congratulatory and you marvel at how you've figured this out.


The next thought about how you've figured this out, is also just a single thought appearing right now, to no one. Take a look at THAT.  Then watch how it continues, endlessly, one thought at a time.

Do this until it's thoroughly seen through, especially the recursiveness.

photocredits:  Lost in FractalLand  and FashionVictim by DianePhotos on DeviantArt

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