Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Does "Just F'ing Look" Mean?

Hi Delma,
how to look to see there is no me?
I have read your blog posts about pointers, but that does not help. What do you mean when you say "Just f*cking look?".

This comment was left here this morning, but I don't seem to be able to see it on the blog.  Fortunately, I get email notification and could still read the contents.  The commenter probably thought twice about his question and decided it wasn't a good idea to post, but it highlights something important.

Seekers are so muddled in thinking that they deceive even, and especially, 'themselves'.

I assume the commenter did indeed read the blog, and in doing so, he should have found several posts which explain exactly how to look.  He also should have found full guiding sessions in which "looking" is demonstrated, as well one of my most popular posts highlighted in the sidebar, titled, Dear Seeker or maybe Self Phone Logic.

So what's wrong here?

The construct that is YOU can't believe that what I'm pointing to is truer than what you've been taught and conditioned to believe.  YOU cannot suspend that mountain of belief for a even a moment to think that JUST MAYBE it's as simple as it is.  YOU want it to be more complicated, more sophisticated, more wondrous, more special, and more challenging, or more intellectually superior than it is.  YOU can't believe that years of tradition, effort, practice, and ritual can be trumped by simply looking.  YOU don't want to have wasted 10, 20, or 30 years of seeking.

It's ok, though.  It really is.  Because it keeps teachers in business, and seeking also keeps the precious 'you' going.  

Let me get to the point.  Let's talk about looking for the thing that's supposedly been carried around forever. 

Just look.  Just look.  Just look. 

Looking means regular, plain old, vanilla looking.  There's no hidden mystery, no special way to look, no magic tricks. 

It's what's NOT there that's remarkable. 

Look now.  What do you see?   Yes, that's right.  Everything in the view.  Not a thing is blocked, or in the way of seeing.  Well, then, ask yourself this, "Where's the controller of the view?"  Behind the eyes?  Ok, why haven't brain scans found it?  And why haven't they EVER found it?

"What?", you say.  "I cannot believe that that's IT.  Ridiculous. If that was really all there is too it, I should be seeing things in a whole new way!"

You see, that thought right there is the problem, and the self is sustained only within thought.

Get it?

Hope you come back commenter.  Or at least join liberation unleashed so that we can work on it.  Volunteers are there and I'm here, to demystify this.

With love,

photo credit:  Just by masqueraide on deviantart


  1. It is evident that seeing has not a controllorer. It is just happening without blocking. Trying to touch that "someone" who "sees" and only hands make contact with the face - eyes area and cover it. Seeing is still happening and seeing only black.

    Where is the controller? Not seen, but hearing a voice in the head that brings different feelings and sense of me. This inner narrator feels to be the invisible self - a me. It is saying many things, for example now hearing what is beeing typed here - from word to word.

    P / The commenter

    1. What is hearing it? Can you find *That*.

      And... welcome back. I'm sorry I missed this comment earlier, but am glad you've written.

      There is an assumption of a you that is hearing. If that's so, who is talking?


    2. It's only heard, do not know how or how it is possible. Who is talking? Automatic response is me, but that is also heard.


    3. Nothing there? :)

      Do you think you might benefit from joining the Liberation Unleashed forum to engage a guide?

      Is that an option for you?

    4. I would prefer having a private chat conversation via facebook.


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