Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Key to the Got It/Lost It Problem....

On the "got it/lost it" phenomenon, something I'd written in response to a comment on the subject:

This is common but what I've found is that it signals that a step back needs to be taken. There is often an assumption going on which says that there is a you who doesn't have a you, but who now still feels all of the anxiety and suffering.

But the separate self is utterly absent except within thought. If you take a moment to inquire into that, you will see that there is no self who is experiencing anxiety, and no self who experiences no self. Can thought experience thought? Can thought experience anything? 
The sense of self is projected, but onto what?Does the ego actually have power to do anything?

Examining these questions is what I call "stepping back". No one steps back, but it's seen that these things, too, happen to no separate individual. They are then free to happen, just as they are. 

Just some opinions. Hope that comment is useful in some way.

photo credit:  Lost_and_cold_by faintsmile28 on deviantart

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  1. While Laying In Bed A Few Nights Ago Pondering No Self I Thought I Would Try Some Self Phone Logic To Get The Feeling Of Actually Checking For Something. Because I Do Seem To Have Some Sort Of Problem With Focused Looking. After trying it for a while The Problem I Found Was That I Do Have A Cellphone So I Thought I Would Check For Something I Actually Don't Have. So I Asked Do I Have A Pet Unicorn? Answer No! Then I Asked Do I Have A Seperate Self? Answer No! Trying To Use The Exact Same Commitment Given To The Previous Answer So I Alternated Between The Two Questions For A While Then It Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks That What I Had Been Doing All Along Was Creating A Seperate Self So I Could Deny Its Existence Sounds Silly But I Just Started Laughing At How I Could Turn Something As Simple As Just Looking Into Another Problem. I Don't Know If It Was An Awakening But It Was Very Profound I Could Not Get To Sleep For Hours Afterwards. Any Comments Would Be Helpful On How To Continue Would Be Appreciated.


thanks for the thoughts...