Friday, February 27, 2015

How to do better than Just Fine

A brave client recently came to the forum.  This individual introduced himself by writing that he'd already seen through the illusion of self , then very carefully described the process of how it happened as well as the ways in which his day to day perspective had changed since this significant shift had occurred.

What I immediately noticed was that he did not describe his experiences using the same language or well-worn phrases I would have, and yet what he wrote resonated very strongly.  The words he used surrounding this description of waking up was so different from my own, though, that I found myself waffling back and forth between resonance and doubt, and sometimes wondering whether his experience was the "IT" everyone talked so much about.

Thankfully, I caught that mistake.

What's important.. no...  What's KEY is to trust your own awakening and no one else's.  If what has happened "to you" brings an undeniable peace and new understanding of life, or allows for a more holistic view of the world, stop doubting it, at least for a while.  Is there further to go?  Maybe.  But then again, fully and enthusiastically entertain the possibility that there is not.  The difference between your awakening and everyone else's... including that teacher you marvel at... may just be a matter of language.


Stop doubting.  Stop looking and comparing.

Just stop.

You are more than just fine. 

photo credit:  A Handful of Doubts by oo-Rein-oo on deviantart


  1. It sounds to me that you are not sure about "your awakening". Is that correct?

    1. Would it matter to you, one way or the other?

    2. What I was trying to convey was that it doesn't matter. The individual was coming to the forum for confirmation that he'd seen, but was using different language than we normally use there. I began to doubt that he had seen, but then realized that it was mostly a matter of language. There was no real way for me to determine his... or anyone else's... awakening. We need to stop doing that altogether.

      You shouldn't care whether I'm awakened or not, really. Just check to see whether anything I say resonates and find your own way from there.

    3. This whole "no-one" thing seems to be just a different way how to look at life. It maybe brings more peace, easiness, no suffering and so on. However, it remains just a different way. Nothing else. It is like when you think something wrong is with your stomach and you fear you will end up having surgery with a painful recovery. Just because you think, you skip eating certain foods, your body will be in constant tension ... and finally you really began to feel pain. When a doctor checks you, finds nothing ... you just need to calm down. There is nothing wrong with stomach. It is all of that pain just because of skipping certain foods, being in tension. When you trust your doctor, it will change everything. Suddenly all stomach problems disappear.

    4. It's not that there's "no one". That's not quite what's happening, is it? There is definitely a 'sense of self', but it's not a thing to be found somewhere, and no something separate from life. It's simple. And yes, it's a different way to look at life.

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    1. Thanks, Lisa. This guy, and everyone else, has a right to his own brand of waking up. Cheers!


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