Thursday, May 9, 2013

Everything You Think

I interrupt this blog to bring you an important message.

"Don't believe everything you think." is likely the single most helpful directive alongside, "Just Look!"  It's also very likely to be overlooked.

So how do you know which thoughts to believe, and which to toss aside as 'mind stuff'?  There's no need to choose.  Because in order to make the decision, what you'll do is to think about thinking.  And then you'll congratulate yourself when you've hit on something you feel is a Spiritually True thought.

There's no such thing.

Instead of thinking about it, let's try something different.  What happens when you do this exercise?  Does the world go anywhere?  Does it collapse without the incessant chatter? 

Is it still all very much there in all its color, texture, vibrancy, and richness?  Or is it even richer than ever?

photo credit:  TaoLife Studio

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