Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Separation that Leads to Freedom

When you strip away all the new age mumbo jumbo and religious
connotations, enlightenment is simply a state of detachment. But detachment from
what? From the ideas and concepts about life that we have come to see as
absolute, permanent truths rather than the subjective, temporary beliefs they are.
That's it. The things you hear about "being one with the universe," "having a
direct experience of God," and the like are merely interpretations of this
detachment and only serve to complicate the concept.

-Blair Warren, The No Nonsense Guide to Enlightenment

Is this true?  Maybe.  But why not test it out?  What if enlightenment wasn't about reaching the state of being 'one with the universe' without first understanding the very practical notion of being able to separate fact from fiction, or concepts about life from Life Itself?  Your first priority should be to simply find out what's true in your own direct experience only.  Then let the rest fall into place as it will.  

photo credit:  photosbykev on deviantart


  1. Blair Warren has been "working in the field of television production and marketing for nearly 20 years, producing over 300 half-hour episodes and nearly 50 one-hour episodes of niche programming"

    Niche programming... oh dear.

    And... "Blair’s book The No Nonsense Guide to Enlightenment is only available as part of Charles F. Haanel’s Complete Master Key Course…"

    Complete Master Key Course... >_>

  2. I can definitely see a marketing machine (t)here. Yep.


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