Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We're in an Impossible Situation, You & Me

We're in an impossible situation, You and Me.
With no you.
With no me.
With no place to 'situate'.
With no time to exist IN.

There's nothing I can tell you.
With no I.
With words that aren't the thing itself.
With no things.

You'll never hear this.
No one is there to hear.
There's no there, there.
No here, here.

You'll never get this.
The most impossible situation of all.
Nothing to be gotten
Everything to lose.
No one losing it.
No it.

Ok, then.


With acceptance
by the imagined self
who seemingly has something, everything to lose
and insists on a willingness to lose it...

Just See!
In the simplest way possible.
Not "YOU LOOK". 
Instead JUST the looking.  Seeing.  Notice it's just the seeing, happening.
Alive seeing.
Seeing can't be helped!  Can't be stopped.  Can't help itself!
No looker, no director of looking.
Just the display, seeing itself.

And then, too....

This is not understood.
Not with thought. 
Thoughts divert.
Seeing can't be studied, thought through.
Waking up can't be gathered, grasped.

Seeing scenery and it becomes clear.
Seeing needs no seer, and it's the end of you.
Yet that's not quite true.
Endings don't come to something that never was.

The impossibility of it, is itself, impossible.
Because anything's possible.

So give up.
And just (as in "do no more than") look.
Then stop.
Where is the you who is frustrated with this nonsense talk, this gibberish?
When did the you begin reading this post?  Before this word?  Or did the "I" appear...

As a single thought.

Only after the question was asked?

photo credit:  Impossible by Illyism on DeviantArt


  1. hey thassa

    really clear and simple....

    so stop

  2. and smile, if possible :)

  3. Delma:
    Thanks for this amazing contribution to "Poetry Week" here:
    diego stargazer ;-)

    1. I'm late with this note of gratitude, but thank you! heartfelt. :)


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